Topi New Era Biru "wisanggeni Ngintip"

Topi New Era Biru "wisanggeni Ngintip"

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This hat is very special. Made by Kelir artists from Surabaya. Both have long been in the printing world. They consist of two people, Dani and Rendra. They are used to paint using hats, shoes, t-shirts and so on. This 18 cm diameter hat is called the New Era Blue Hat "Wisanggeni Ngintip". Wisanggenai is Arjuna's son. He is known to be brave, assertive in attitude, and has extraordinary powers. Physically, Wisanggeni is described as a young man who seems proud. But his heart is kind and helpful. He did not live in the world with the Pandavas but was in the heaven of Sanghyang Wenang, the ancestor of the gods. The process of making this painting through four stages, namely finding ideas/drawings, sketching images, painting, and drying paintings. The paint used is high-quality paint, environmentally friendly, and ISO standard. The time needed is around 3 days to become a patterned hat of Indonesian culture. This hat can be used in formal or casual events.



Awarded Winning

  • 2019/06/11 C'antique Gift, Angpao:     300,000 IDR
  • 2019/09/21 C'antique Gift, Angpao:     300,000 IDR
  • 2019/11/02 Cuantique Gift, Angpao: 5,000,000 IDR

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26CM X 18CM

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