Main Suling

Main Suling

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The painting titled Main Suling is a collection of Tw Yuli Purnomo. The painter uses canvas media measuring 38 CM x 39 CM. While the paints he uses are high-quality oil paints, ISO standard, and environmentally friendly. The process of painting this takes two days. Suling is a traditional Javanese music instrument. Suling makes you miss a peaceful rural atmosphere. Flute can be a lonely repellent friend. Playing Suling requires years of skill and practice. This painting is suitable given to friends or clients as a gift or souvenir. The painting can be displayed in the living room or other spaces.


Cuantique Artist

Award Winning

  • 2019/01/05 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 200,000 IDR
  • 2019/08/03 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 300,000 IDR

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38x39 cm

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