Langkah Pedati

Langkah Pedati

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The painting titled Pedati Steps is a collection of Tw Yuli Purnomo. The painter uses canvas media measuring 38 CM x 39 CM. While the paints he uses are high-quality oil paints, ISO standard, and environmentally friendly. The process of painting this takes two days. The painter was inspired by everyday life. Pedati is a cart driven by a cow. Pedati to transport crops from the rice fields to the house or bring the product to the city. The cart is pulled by two cows. In some villages, this traditional means of transportation still exists. There is a special joy to ride a cart. Farmers were happy to be able to bring crops to the city. The experience was poured by the painter into the painting. This painting is suitable given to friends or clients as a gift or souvenir. The painting can be displayed in the living room or other spaces.


Cuantique Artist

Award Winning

  • 2018/09/15 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 500,000 IDR
  • 2018/10/20 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 200,000 IDR
  • 2019/06/15 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 500,000 IDR
  • 2019/11/30 Cuantique Gift, Angpao: 300,000 IDR

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38x39 cm

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