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Flora Fauna

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This painting depicts the flora and fauna that exist in Indonesia. An elephant playing in the forest. There are also other Indonesian animals. This indicates that Indonesia is rich. Both flora and fauna. From Sabang to Merauke it contains thousands of very rare and protected animal species. Likewise with a variety of flora. There are Arnoldi raflesia, sukma, jasmine, and so on. Indonesia's flora and fauna must be preserved and preserved. The goal is that future generations can still see them alive and breeding. The task now is to document all Indonesian native species so they are not recognized by other countries. This natural wealth is a gift from God for the people of Indonesia. do not get damaged and just disappear.


Cuantique Artist

Award List

  • 2018/12/15 C'antique Gift, Gold Bar 5 Gram
  • 2019/05/25 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 300,000 IDR
  • 2019/08/31 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 1.000,000 IDR

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38x39 cm

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